Rethinking crucial issues post-COP 26

Matthew Jervois, Senior Consultant, reflects on his return from COP 26.

Matthew Jervois

Exceptional world events, like COP, provide us with a reason, or maybe drive, to rethink our position on crucial issues. They give an opportunity to businesses and the financial community to state how they are making a difference.

In future, companies will have to show more clarity with their operational plans, and individual CEOs need to be aware that their enthusiasm and mutual appreciation at COP will be minutely examined by us all. Reddit, which has become synonymous with retail stock trading, and its groups of online highly motivated individual traders, demonstrated their ability to move markets. This time round consumers, pensioners and shareholders are marshalling their words and actions to change companies’ actions.

The intensity and momentum needed from the corporate world has gone up a big notch. The role of communications in defining and exemplifying this will be a crucial asset in the coming months and years.