Our team

Our exceptional senior team has an average of over 20 years’ experience behind them. This means there is little that we have not seen before. We can help you get to better solutions, faster.

Alison Allfrey

Alison Allfrey

Phil Askham

Pippa Bailey

Nick Bastin

Matt Bell

Charles Blount

Georgia Colkin

Anthony Eskander

Shireen Farhana

Isabel Garnon

Stella Gianoukakis

Gabriella Henderson

Matthew Jervois

Alex Just

Alex Just

Lesley Kezhu Wang

Stuart Leach

Stuart Leach

Claire Lewis

Charlotte McMullen

Malcolm Munro

Malcolm Munro

Kiran Nagendran

Kiran Nagendran

Marc Ng

Lauren O’Keeffe

James Olley

Toto Reissland-Burghart

Jack Roddan

Jerome Reback

Richard Royds

Alexandra Segrave

Olly Scott

Nita Shah

Louis Supple

Woolf Thomson Jones

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If you have the skills and commitment to join our team please get in touch; we would love to hear from you.