Getting London Back to Work

Over the last few days there has been significant debate about how the return to work will work in practice, especially in London where most people commute using public transport.

In our recent “Getting Britain Back to Work” survey, conducted by Opinium, we have found that Londoners are feeling the strain of the lockdown. Headline figures include:

– London is experiencing the most disruption with 60% working from home vs 40% rest of UK
– Londoners who are not ready to return are far more likely to be fearful of the virus when commuting* (67% London vs 39% national average)
– Londoners who want to go back to work are far more likely to mention stress working at home (1 in 5 London vs 1 in 8 nationally)
– There is heightened concerns around job security among Londoners. Fears of redundancy, pay cuts and business closure are clearly higher in London than elsewhere

*(for trains/tubes only it’s 77% London vs 71% nationally or 67% rest of UK)

You can read more about the how Londoners feel about returning to their place of work here:

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