Permira Debt Managers

Delivering recognition of PDM as a top three European debt platform.

We have worked closely with the executive team at Permira Debt Managers (PDM) since 2016 to deliver recognition of the company as a top three European debt platform in an increasingly crowded market whilst navigating a media environment with a nascent understanding of the private debt sector.

The process has moved PDM’s successful track record and the unique thought leadership of the executive team into the international business media mainstream, regularly contributing to wider industry debate as well as earning a greater share of day-to-day trade coverage.

Through an upscaled and unified communications strategy, working across their communications, marketing, IR and deal teams from all three investment strategies, as well as with the executive team, we have taken a disparate narrative and brought together the company’s messaging ensuring that transactions are appropriately contextualised and there is a clarity and consistency of narrative to deepen understanding of PDM’s standing within the industry.

For example, to be recognised as a ‘top three European debt platform’ by corporate stakeholders – the media, the markets and both potential or current investors – we work closely, refining PDM’s storyline to explain the strategy and bring the often-hidden team leads into the spotlight, giving clarity and purpose to each deal in the context of the fund and the company strategy.

This is coupled with a programme of regular engagement, both background and on the record, with relevant media stakeholders to outline and update PDM’s market perspective and ensure that the company’s fund strategies are understood, receiving recognition at both trade and international business level.

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