Melrose Industries Plc

Supporting the £8bn hostile takeover of the FTSE 100 engineering company GKN across media, investor and political communications .

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Melrose Industries Plc launched one of the largest hostile takeovers in recent history for the 250 year-old engineering giant, GKN. Montfort were tasked with building public, investor and political support for the takeover ahead of the shareholder vote, shaping the environment for Melrose to succeed.

Montfort worked across the media, political and city landscape to generate intelligence and set out a deliberately agile communications strategy with clear messaging and nimble rebuttal to ensure all audiences fully understood the transaction rationale.

This required constant 24/7 monitoring, intelligence gathering and engagement across all audiences to disseminate the messaging, mange issues within the transaction environment and ultimately build the environment that create support for the transaction.

With overwhelming media and sell-side support and well-managed Government relations, Melrose secured the majority of the GKN shareholder vote in favour of its bid.